A case study on: Mint locksmiths Croydon website how to use Flash!

I’ve decided to do a quick case study on how to use Flash on the website in the modern world now we all know that the biggest problem with using Flash is that in this new world of responsive website is it just is incompatible with smart phones and also some tablet computers.

Now because of this a lot of people have stopped using Flash altogether which is a shame because you get an incredible benefits from using Flash on your main website and if you’re clever about the way you design your website having Flash on a should not be a big problem.

Here is a great example of how to use Flash on your website as you can see this website http://www.mintlocksmithscroydon.co.uk/  use flash to create a slideshow on the homepage now I must say that for a locksmiths site this is quite attractive using the two different elements with the image sliding in one way and the text sliding in another.

mint locksmiths croydon

Now I know you’re thinking this website may look great now but when you try and use a smart phone to view it it will have a blank space where the Flash player used to be and that is where you would be wrong.

Because the clever design of this website used a separate responsive site for mobile phones and tablet so you don’t have to worry about not having Flash player on a smart phone because they will be taken to a completely different website if they arrive using a smart phone or tablet computer.

This way the locksmiths customers get the best possible user experience on multiple devices they get a custom-built website for mobile phone users and a custom-built website for PC users.

I rethink this is the way that most websites will move forward in the coming years having a standalone website for PC users and a standalone website for mobile users and if the website is designed clever enough use will not notice that it is being redirected to one that fits its device perfectly.

So here’s a great example how Flash will live on into the modern world of responsible website.

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Adding Product Zoom and Category Descriptions

I have been working with a company called Meanpod they provide a large range of mobile accessories online. The reason I have been working with them is because they wanted to develop a product zoom so that when a customer hovers the mouse over a product image it zooms into that image.

He is an example of the product image before zooming in

meanpod zoom
And here is an example of the image once you hover over it with your mouse to zoom into the product.

meanpod zoom in

As you can see it allows you to have a closer look at the products and helps you see the detailed parts of product without having to make it full screen which makes the website more user-friendly.

Now because this website is not developed on any particular platform it was a lot harder to develop the zoom function to work correctly on all product pages so that new products could be added easily without any additional code being required.

Example if this was an e-commerce site that was developed on WordPress there are a number of different plug-ins you can use to do product zoom very easily for example Zoom magnifier.

This is a very simple plug-in you can use that will give you the same product zoom feature without having to learn any elaborate coding skills.

But with this website because it was created as a standalone website and not developed on any particular platform it took a lot more work to develop this because we had to make sure that the function did not interrupt with the mobile friendly aspect of the site. Because a large proportion of their customer base used smart phones because let’s face it there they smart phone accessories website.
We also help them develop an element so they could add short product descriptions into the product category page this helps them be a little bit more search engine friendly, because it thickens out the page and doesn’t leave you with lots of pages with very thin content and lots of images which we all know can have a negative effect on your search engine ranking.

We basically enable them to write 100 word descriptions for each one of their products and this will appear in their category page for each product helping to bulk out the website and provide more quality content.

If you’d like to see the changes that we’ve made to this website then you can check out the MeanPod website.

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Minters Builders New website

I’ve been recently working with a small building company in Croydon. I had them do some work on one of my properties and got talking to the owner of the business and he was telling me how he needed a new website for his business.

So after a little bit of a chat I decided that I could help him develop a new website for his business. Now it is a small family run building company so he wanted the website to reflect that and make his customers aware of the history of the family business.

Because he felt that the current website was to corporate looking and didn’t represent them as a company very well as they are a small local business and wanted their customers to realise this.

So after a few different design chats we finally came up with some think that not only provides a good look and feel for the business but also has good elements for the search engines to help provide more business in the future.

Something that you will realise if you ever make a business website is that it is very important to make sure that your website fits the business. But also that the website is search engine friendly and also mobile friendly because a large proportion of any businesses traffic comes from the search engines and a lot of that is now done on smart phones.

So you need to make sure that it fits all three of these criteria well so that you have a good function local business website.

After developing the new website I showed it to Graham the owner of Minters Builders and he was delighted. It represents the fact that they are small local business and doesn’t look too corporate or flashy but still looks modern.

Click the link to check out Minters builders new website http://www.mintersbuilders.co.uk/

A good tip for developing local business website is to develop them on WordPress as this is a very flexible platform and great for developing and creating small website.

The only thing you need to bear in mind about using WordPress is to make sure that you have adequate security measures in place to make sure that you do not get the site hack or redirected. You can do this using particular security plug-ins I’ve written an article about this which you can see if you click here

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How to Stop This Site Postcard Cash Review Getting Hacked

A friend of mine was running this WordPress site postcard cash review and kept on having the problem of people hacking it.

So he came to me and asked me what he could do about this problem and how we can prevent this from happening in the future.

So after a little bit of research I found a few plug-ins that would really help prevent this from happening the first one is itheme security

As this great little plug-in will help you change your log in URL so you are not vulnerable to brute force attacks on your login page

You also add a lot of other security features to your WordPress site to help prevent you from getting hacked other ways and the best bit about this plug-in is it is absolutely free.

After we installed the plug-in to postcard cash we haven’t had another attack which goes to show just how powerful this little plug-in is.

So if you are having problems with your WordPress site and keep on getting hacked then I would highly recommend you try the itheme security plug-in at it really make a dramatic difference to this site.

Another tip would be to make sure that you update your WordPress theme every time a new version is released and also make sure you keep your plug-ins updated as this can prevent people being enacted to your site through plug-ins or problems with the WordPress theme.

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